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California sunset 💜☀️💙

California sunset 💜☀️💙

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I’ll be going to Havelock, NC cherry point. To go see my future husband, ill be there for 2 weeks. :)

Then after july ill be moving out there starting our little family :)

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Looks like we’re moving to Cherry Point, NC


Today my wife got her orders (FINALLY!) and she’s going to be stationed in Cherry Point, North Carolina. I’m super excited but nervous too. Anybody live/have lived there? I’ll take any advice!

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I’m so excited. My fiancé parents bought me a plane ticket to go see him. I’ll be in NC in two weeks. I’m crying 😭❤️

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Perfect wedding vows →


Tablo’s wedding vow: “I think you are my echo. When I first met you, I thought that it was as if all of the things I had shouted out into the world before knowing you had come back to me in your form. … All the hopes and wishes, dreams and happiness that you have carried thus far, I’ll give to…

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*Cliché valentines day quote*  But I love him more than words ✨❤️ #skypedate #valentinesday

*Cliché valentines day quote* But I love him more than words ✨❤️ #skypedate #valentinesday

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"When I look at you, I feel like we were made for each other."
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